Special Event Application

Things to know regarding on/ off campus events

  • Events with 50 or more participants must submit proposals to be reviewed and approved.
  • An event, independent of the size of the event, that would otherwise be considered a special event on campus that is identified as a non-routine (typically infrequent) activity help on the IUPUI campus that may require awareness by and/or services from multiple departments and by IU Public Safety entities.
  • Planners should book only tentative reservations of facilities prior to approval.
  • All groups, including student organizations, must request approval for events with 50 or more participants.

  • Distancing and barriers are no longer required. Capacity in classrooms and event spaces can be increased to pre-pandemic approved capacity. 
  • Individual units or departments can impose stricter social distancing guidelines if warranted.

  • COVID waivers will not be required for event attendees.

  • Shared eating areas (banquet rooms, lobbies for receptions, etc.) can return to pre-pandemic capacity.
  • There are no restrictions on food and beverage functions except as dictated by local health guidelines.
  • Buffets are now acceptable.
  • Concessions and other stand-up food and beverage functions (like receptions) are acceptable, as long as the overall event is following masking guidelines outlined above.
  • Consider alternatives such as boxed lunches, salads in closed containers, bento boxes of hors d’oeuvres, or individual desserts to go.
  • For events on campus serving food, departments will continue to work with Chartwells.  Please click here for all catering options.
  • IUPUI has an exclusive food contract with Chartwells to provide all residential, retail and catering food and beverage service including concessions on the IUPUI campus. To see the Food Exclusivity Policy, click here.

  • The health and safety of attendees and event staff will drive all in-person event decisions, and events must comply with current guidance and restrictions from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), Indiana Department of Health (IDOH), local governments, and university policy.
  • IU events held in off-campus venues need to follow the same protocols as those held on campus.
  • Outdoor events are strongly encouraged when feasible.
  • IU personal and public health precautions for both indoor and outdoor events must be followed.
  • An emergency action plan should be developed and submitted as a part of the Safety Plan with the initial request.
  • Messaging is critical for attendee education of risk and communication of behavioral expectations (invitations, ticketing flow, ‘know before you go’ messages, printed handouts, event signage, announcements, mask policy).
  • Personal hygiene facilities available for handwashing, hand sanitizing, etc.
  • Consider contactless transactions (ticketing, ticket scanning, F&B transactions, conference materials, programs, etc.).

The Special Event Application is Completed in 3 Steps


Find and Request an Event Space on Campus. 


Complete Special Event Application

Event organizers for IU/ IUPUI Schools, Departments, and Offices please complete the Internal Special Event Application.

Note:  Student Organizations leaders must use The Spot to register for events.  If assistance is needed with The Spot email the CUBE at stuact@iupui.edu or call 317-274-8477 for assistance.

Internal Special Event Application

Event organizers with no university affiliation, please submit the External Special Event Application. 

External Special Event Application


Application Review

Once a special event application is submitted, ECS staff will determine and submit the (University Event Request Committee) form on behalf of the event organizer.

The application will be reviewed by leaders on campus, you might be contacted with additional questions if needed. You will receive approval/ denial notification for your event from our team.