Special Event Guidelines

Special Event Guidlines

This guideline serves as a how-to guide, providing the direction you may need and answers on holding events on the campus of IUPUI. 

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Site Plan

An event that has multiple components, a larger area and a high volume of attendance will need to provide a special layout of your event. This layout will provide locations for vendors, food and beverage, portable toilets, tents, stage and other key areas as they relate to your event. This site plan will be reviewed by Campus Facilities and will provide feedback and approvals/denials.


Electrical power, water or any other utility needed to support your event will need to be noted on your Special Event Application. IUPUI Campus Facility Services will contact you to arrange for any utility set-up and service, a fee will be charged for this service and will require payment prior to service connection. Fees charged will be placed against an internal bill number (IB# noted on Special Event Application) or will be invoiced by IUPUI Event and Conference Services.

Food and Beverage

Chartwells is the exclusive food service provider for IUPUI. View the catering menu to learn more about catering options on campus Under some circumstances outside vendors will be permitted on campus, please see the food exclusivity policy below for details of such circumstances. Such circumstances need to be verified by the catering department and will be given a waiver to document proof of exemption. Events that offer food for sale or as a courtesy are subject to the provisions in the IUPUI Food Safety Policy and comply with all applicable provisions. Events that offer food for sale or as a courtesy are subject to the provisions in the IUPUI Food Safety Policy and comply with all applicable provisions.

IUPUI Food Services (Chartwells) is the contracted exclusive food service provider which includes all retail, catering, and concession sales on the IUPUI campus. Coca Cola and Canteen Vending provide all snack, food, and coffee vending operations. This is a geographic exclusivity and applies to all IU buildings and grounds generally located between West Street on the east, White River on the south and west and Indiana Avenue on the north. Payment by an IU Foundation account is not an exception and this exclusivity applies equally to all users of University buildings (i.e. non-University groups renting space or scheduling events in University buildings). Additionally, Indiana University has a system-wide contract with Coca Cola and only Coke products can be sold or advertised on any IU campus.

Exceptions to Exclusivity

  • Donation: Sponsorships of events by an "outside" restaurant, caterer, grocery store, or food distributor that donates (100%) food or beverage for the event. In order to ensure safe food handling, a list of the donated items along with the event name and date on the donor's letterhead must be forwarded via email to Auxiliary Services at aux@iupui.edu.
  • Capacity Issues: IUPUI Food Services recognizes that on occasion it may not be possible to provide service requested on a particular date due to maximum capacity, prior commitments, or the inability to service a particular request, such as a Kosher meal for 200 people. These circumstances should be rare, and when exist, alternate dates, a change to the level of service (i.e. full service to drop off), or alternate food options should be considered. After discussion with the Director of Catering, should an alternative solution not be found and an outside caterer is required approval by IUPUI Food Services, IUPUI Auxiliary Services, and Environmental Health and Safety, is necessary.
  • Location Specific: Locations (building/grounds) on the IUPUI campus that are not managed by IU such as IU Health Hospitals, Eskanazi Hospital, VA, Ronald McDonald House, and NIFS are exempt. Center for Young Children is also exempt.
  • Pitch-ins: Pitch-ins, which are defined as food and beverage provided by the participants of a private event not intended to be resold and not reimbursed by either an IU or IUF account, are exempt.
  • Minimum Orders: There is a $100 minimum for events held Monday thru Friday and a $250 minimum for events held on Saturday and Sunday. The total cost of purchased food and beverages not meeting these minimums are exempt.
  • Fundraisers: Food fundraisers can serve as a source of revenue for students groups. Food fundraisers and the applicable Marion County Department of Public Health regulations have been formalized in the IUPUI Food Safety Policy.


IUPUI Dining Services is the only licensed authority to dispense alcoholic beverages on the campus. Indiana University policy, Requirement for Service of Alcoholic Beverages on Indiana University premises (FININS-10), outlines procedures regulating the service of alcoholic beverages at any function held on University property and any University function regardless of location. If alcohol is being served at the event, you are REQUIRED to submit an Approval for Alcohol Service on Campus form at least 20 days prior to the event. Indiana University requires approval from the Chancellor's Office before you can serve alcohol on the IUPUI campus. The request should be submitted via email to the Chancellor at cifrench@iupui.edu at least 20 business days prior to the event date. The customer then must submit approval documentation from the Chancellor’s Office to IUPUI Dining Services at least 10 days in advance of the event before any alcohol can be served.


An IUPUI parking pass permit is required for all IUPUI parking lots and garages. Please refer to the campus map for details. Arrangements for parking can be made for your event by contacting Alan Tucker or (317 278-3713) at IUPUI Parking and Transportation Services.


IUPD Indianapolis is responsible for public safety while you’re on University property. Additional security may be required for your event and IUPD Indianapolis will make that determination.


If you are holding an event that will require directional signage for parking or other locational marking this will need to be outlined on your Special Event Application. Direction from this information will be provided by Event and Conference Services.

Street Closings

If your event requires street closings, please fill out the paperwork with the City of Indianapolis for a Special Event Permit.

Emergency Procedures

While on the campus of IUPUI you may face an emergency situation, and knowing what to do can make all the difference -- not only for ourselves but for our visitors and guests. Please use the buttons on the link provided to read through procedures for potential emergencies. Protect.IU Emergency Procedures.

Rental Equipment


  • Portable Toilets – for large, outdoor events, portable toilets must be provided at the rate of 1 per 100ppl. The planning group is responsible for the ordering and setting up of these portable toilets. Please include the location of this equipment in your site plan for approval. Portable hand washing stations are suggested anytime portable toilets are used at an event.
  • Tents – All tents along with size, type and location must be placed on a Site Plan and submitted for approval with your Special Event Application. If your tent requires staking in the ground, the planner will need to contact Indiana Underground Plant Protection Services 3 days prior to installation. All tents must meet the life safety codes of the local authority and will also be evaluated by IU Risk Management.
  • Tables and Chairs – If tables, chairs or podium is needed for your event your planner will need to note this on their Special Event Application and will be responsible for all rental responsibilities with an approved IUPUI vendor.
  • Technology (Events needing technology) - lighting, screens or sound equipment will need to contact an approved IUPUI vendor and will be responsible for all rental responsibilities. Large technology equipment will need to be included in the site plan and noted on your Special Event Application.
  • Trash Receptacles – All events will need trash receptacles. Please keep in mind that the IUPUI campus is a green campus and subject to all recycling efforts. The locations for these receptacles will need to be noted on your site plan and Special Event Application. IUPUI Campus Facility Services will contact you as it relates to trash needs for your event, there will be a charge for trash receptacles placed at your event.
***Your event is responsible for all cleanup and tear down of equipment. The space used for your event must appear in the same condition as prior to renting this location***